Modern Material is designed to change the way we think, create, curate, make, market and monetize our material.  We are a forming a creative collective of independent artists and influencers to share revenue generated from a single C-Commerce platform. Members will be able to share goods, services, influence and market reach in exchange for a commission or royalty for sales generated by their fans or followers.



Over the past several years, we have been working with a team of industry leaders in design, merchandising, manufacturing, retail, music & marketing to determine the best solution for the rapidly changing consumer marketplace. The distribution of material goods has shifted to convenient E-Commerce platforms like Amazon and manufacturers and brands are partnering with Social Media Influencers to sell direct-to-consumer.


We see massive marketing and distribution power for apparel, accessories and consumer products with artists who no longer have a product to sell on tour. We customers who need to buy things they love or can use, not fans who make a one time purchase souvenir t-shirt. We see women who love to go shopping but are spending their money on fast fashion brands that contribute to corporate greed and global pollution. We see Millennials caring more about the quality, meaning and purpose of their purchases than buying things they don't need.


We see an opportunity to create a brand and retail distribution channel that will change the future by allowing the creators of a product and influence share revenue fairly.


The Music & Entertainment industry was obliterated when the creator's content was converted into digital material that was easily distributed to people around the world without a retailer needed to put CDs and DVDs on store shelves.


The Fashion & Consumer Product Goods Industry was reinvented to create cheaper goods and sell more units by cutting out the retail distribution to brick & mortar stores and marketing and selling direct-to-consumer online.


The Online Retail Distributor's of a creator's product has dominated the market share by creating a convenient shopping for all consumers to access or a single social network to engage in content without searching for it.


Modern Material will redefine the way digital material is monetized and the way physical material is marketed & distributed by vertically aligning the global supply chain for fair distribution of revenue.



Designer, Annie Weihrauch {y•Rock} founded Modern Material in March 2005 as a street team destination to promote music from her favorite new artists and share VHS tapes that she converted into digital files. She needed a name for the website so she called it Modern Material, the new format of music, art & design.


There was no mainstream use of YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, Amazon or MySpace when Modern Material began. Annie just saw a need to bring new music to a community of fans she called friends. She realized the access to free digital music meant hear favorite bands didn't have a product to sell to keep making more music. She knew millions of dollars per month were being generated by her designs but she could barely make a living working inside a corporate cubicle. She knew people were becoming famous overnight without going to Hollywood. She knew fashion icons like Madonna were only selling overpriced t-shirts not the fashion trends that she started.


Realizing her dreams designing album covers were dead, Annie started making note cards, t-shirts, and jewelry inspired by music. In 2008 she opened up a web store for her handmade collection and began marketing it with the artists she was representing. More than 40 artists licensed music for a Gift With Purchase and were featured on the website. Several began promoting Modern Material on tour, and then Social Media began to explode.


Annie was unable to keep up with the demand of making her own fashion line by hand so she quit her corporate day job working with China and moved to Los Angeles to look for domestic manufacturing. Instead she found herself intertwining with top executives in the music industry as they began to explore opportunities to elevate the tour merchandise business.


After years of development and layers of red tape trying to cut through 360 merch deals, Annie decided there was no real business opportunity working with pop stars who weren't going to pay for their own merchandise. What's the point when the retail business generated 75% more revenue than the top selling tour merchandise. The Boys Club was never going to let the Material Girls rule the world. That means thousands of artists are missing out on Billions of dollars in marketing and merchandise revenue because the big brands only want to work with the super stars. She sure as hell wasn't going to sell out her company to an investor or pop star who didn't need the money.




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