Concerts, Festivals & Pop-Up Shops


It doesn't matter if a band is selling out arenas or booking gigs at bars and coffee shops. We see customers not fans. Merch tables sell souvenirs. Malls sell an addiction to buying material things.


In 2016 Taylor Swift's 1989 Tour Merch reportedly generated $17 per head, the most amount ever made by an artist's merch. We are a little unclear about the business economics but that averages out to $17 Million if she played 50 sold out arenas. That same year Jessica Simpson's fashion line generated $1 Billion in sales but Jessica doesn't have 20,000 screaming fans walking into Macy's each night. That means' merchandise with Jessica Simpson's name on it sold 58 times more than merchandise with Taylor Swift's name on it.


We will leave the tour t-shirt business to the merch companies and 360 deals. There isn't much money to be made from an overpriced, one-time purchase business model. We create, curate and sell things the Material Girls can't wait to get their fingerless gloves on.


Members will have access to our Pop-Up Shop & Fashion Show collaborations slated for Fall 2019. Collections will be displayed on tour, purchased online, packaged and shipped the week following a show.


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