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Members will have access to create, curate and capitalize on their material and influence by sharing  goods, services, resources and market reach with the same consumer base. Artists will submit their music and artwork to Modern Material for Curators and Social Media Influencers to create Collections with playlists and products. All sales will provide a royalty and / or commission.


When was the last time you got in your car to drive to the deli to buy meat, the bakery to buy bread, the dairy to buy cheese and the farmer's market to buy produce, just so you could make a sandwich?  At some point in history merchants decided to share a single marketplace, creating grocery stores. In today's modern world we don't even need to drive to Walmart and spend hours walking around with a shopping cart, we can shop on Amazon and have our entire grocery list delivered to our doorstep.


People don't have time to spend shopping in independent artist's merch stores to buy music or a t-shirt. They don't bother looking up brands to buy direct from the designer. Consumers stream all the music in the world for $9.99 / month on Spotify or join a monthly subscription service for a new pair of shoes delivered each month. If the Customer is King, Convenience is Queen. Art has no value unless you can give the consumer who buys art value. Do they care about what art means to the artist or do they care about how art defines their lives? More than likely they could care less about an artist's name on a product, they care about an artist's work.

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