Our mission is to monetize music by providing material things that can't be replaced by technology. People need to get dressed or consume products 365 days a year, they don't need to spend money on music, entertainment or souvenirs. An artist can no longer sell a $9.99 CD because tech companies sell a $9.99 / month subscription for all the music in the world.


Modern Material has a global network of designers, merchandisers, product developers and manufacturers dedicated to generating millions of dollars each month for retailers. We believe our work materializing the latest trends in fashion, beauty and consumer products simply needs to be shifted over to a new marketing and distribution channel that will provide recording artists with a new stream of revenue.



Application fees are $50 for our curators to review music, videos and touring schedule to determine if their work meets our standards.


The Annual Membership fee is $500 to be featured on Modern Material and have access to our  collaborations, community and commission structure. Content, merchandise and packaging posted on Modern Material must be submitted to one of our curators. Digital content and social media engagement will take place on existing platforms until we have a need to build our own User Interface.


Members will be responsible for funding custom merchandise or packaging through pre-orders and limited runs if they want to feature material in addition to collaborative projects.


All Members will receive a commission or royalty based on customer subscriptions or purchases. There are no advances or guarantees. Members will given a W-2 to report income and considered independent contractors of Modern Material.






Modern Material's team of retail merchants will provide strategies that target the best customer for our Members merchandise assortments. We will provide trend reports, consumer demographics, pricing, production and sales strategies that will allow us to minimize costs and maximize margins.


Playlist Projects and Boombox Boutiques are designed to give recording artists exposure to a wider audience by sharing their market reach with other artists and influencers. Just like playing in a music festival, our Collections will give customers the chance to discover new material and provide a portion of their sales to the artists they love most.


Album Collections are designed to give recording artists the opportunity to sell tangible material that consumers want. Nobody needs another jewel case for a CD they don't need or a T-shirt they will never wear. Let your fans buy things they love, packaged inside a keepsake box they can use. Offer exclusive material or digital downloads with purchase of your album from Modern Material.






As a member you will join our Street Team as you embark on tour. No matter what size venue you are playing, we see people who become fans of your music not customers of your merchandise. We see foot traffic that no longer walks into malls, and we see you opening up store doors in new cities around the world.


We believe an army of 5,000 artists with 1,000 fans has more market reach than 1 artist with 5,000,000 fans because there would be 4,999 more artists passionate about making a living making music. Once everyone comes together to form a single retail destination, you will be marketing each other's music and earning money selling our products. You won't need a major record label to invest in your music if you can find enough fans to invest in our business with you. We won't need an investor or retailer to buy our inventory if fans buy what they want. Win, win.



All Members will receive a code, links or shop from Modern Material to track sales driven by their traffic. Various compensation plans will distribute revenue based on consumer purchases.


Members who recruit fans to subscribe to a Boombox Boutique will receive 5% of their subscription as long as they are active Members of Modern Material.


Members who sell non-subscription based products will receive 5% sales commission on total purchase.


Members who are selected by customers for a collaborative project will share 20% of the revenue.


Members will earn royalties for every unit sold that features their name, likeness or lyrics on packaging or merchandise. Royalties will range between 5% and 25% based on the contributors to each product.


Members who provide music or digital material for marketing purposes will only be compensated based on sales performance of their collaboration. Revenue share to be determined.


All members may purchase merchandise at wholesale price to sell on tour or at pop-up shops, however online sales are exclusive to Modern Material. Markup on goods should be no more than 50% of the wholesale price.


All members will receive quarterly financial reports along with payments. Royalties and commissions will be paid after customers receive their merchandise and the return period is over.


All advertised compensation rates and membership rules are subject to change unless legally binded.





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