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Our revenue sharing platform is designed to give artists and influencers a new revenue stream for their work that is now distributed by subscription based tech companies. We are not controlled by corporate investors so each member will be able to capitalize on their contribution


Members will be charged an annual shopkeepers fee for our curators to maintain their profile and online shop. Merchandise will be pre-order or produced in limited runs to minimize inventory costs. Members will be responsible for marketing and cross-promotion to drive sales.


As membership and subscriptions grow, Modern Material will begin to increase product categories and brand partnerships. Members who recruit new customers will earn a 5% commission on subscription fees or sales.


If a Member has 1,000 subscribers who pay an average of $50 per month, Modern Material will generate $600,000 in gross sales.

- 5% will be paid to the sales recruiter, generating $30,000

- 35% will be paid to the contributors, generating $210,000

- 10% will be retained by Modern Material, generating $60,000

- 50% will cover  the cost of goods and packaging, generating $300,000


If discounts and sales are provided to the customer, compensation will be based on price paid by customer.

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