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 Do you have influence but no product to make money from your Viral Video's 15 minutes of fame? Do you have  great taste in style, curating things you love for your Instagram feed? Maybe you get paid to post but do you get paid per sale? Our mission is to provide Influencers with material created by artists not corporate fat cats, allowing them to make a living doing what we love and live for.



Modern Material has a global network of designers, merchandisers, product developers and manufacturers dedicated to generating millions of dollars each month for retailers. We believe our work materializing the latest trends in fashion, beauty and consumer products simply needs to be shifted over to social media influencers who can create and curate their own shops, not just get paid to endorse brands.




Modern Material's team of retail merchants will provide strategies that target the best customer for our Members merchandise assortments. We will provide trend reports, consumer demographics, pricing, production and sales strategies that will allow us to minimize costs and maximize margins.


Curated Collections will provide Influencers with a collaborative community to create merchandise and marketing strategies together. Members will be able to share the latest material with their fans and followers. Only Limited Runs will be produced, creating demand for each collection.  A second release may be issued if inventory sells out quickly.





As a Member you will join our Marketing Team on Social Media and have access to curate new products from our Artists on a weekly basis. Share playlists, host artwork contests and curate the latest styles to wear in your videos and Instagram feeds. Everything  you curate can be featured or purchased from your own Boutique Shop on Modern Material



All Members will receive a code, links or shop from Modern Material to track sales driven by their traffic. A 5% sales commission fee will be applied to the total purchase made by customers.


Members who recruit followers to subscribe to a Box Boutique will receive 5% of their subscription fees for a period of 36 months.


Members who sell non-subscription based products will receive 10% sales commission on total purchase.


Members will earn royalties for every unit sold that features their name, likeness or lyrics on packaging or merchandise. Royalties will range between 5% and 25% based on the contributors to each product.


All members may purchase merchandise at wholesale price to sell on tour or at pop-up shops, however online sales are exclusive to Modern Material. Markup on goods should be no more than 60% of the wholesale price.


All members will receive quarterly financial reports along with payments. Royalties and commissions will be paid after customers receive their merchandise and the term for returns ends.





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Make a Living Doing What You Love.