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Subscriptions to our Playlists, Albums and Singles will begin in Spring 2019. Merchandise will be curated, customized and shipped in our Boombox Boutique Box, sending subscribers the latest material being released by recording artists each month.


Modern Material will feature curated playlists, lyric booklets, album releases, free concert tickets and fashion, fragrance, beauty and consumer products inspired by the latest trends. All Members contributing Art & Design for a Collection will receive a designated share of the revenue.


Customers will select a subscription program, music genre, lifestyle and location so our artists and curators can load up their Boombox Boutique with things they will love.


Perhaps the best thing about the Boombox Boutique is that the Recording Artist who recruits a subscriber will receive a 5% commission from subscription fees as long as they are an active Member of Modern Material. If an artist recruits 5,000 annual subscribers who spend an average of $50 per month on a Boombox Boutique, they could earn $150,000 per year from subscription fees.


The goal of Modern Material is to collectively build a consumer marketplace for recording artists to generate revenue for their music as quickly as possible. After the artists build a community and dominate the market share (ie: Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Etsy), we will provide additional merchandising and marketing strategies to drive sales.


Subscribers and customers will have the ability to distribute up to 35% of the revenue from their subscription or purchases to other members of Modern Material.



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