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the next generation of music + style
the next generation of music + style
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Modern Material is designed to change the way we think, create, make, market, distribute and monetize new material. Our collaborative concept will share market reach and revenue from sales generated online, in store and on tour.



Our goal is to minimize inventory and marketing costs by developing a collaborative crowdfunding platform to release new designs before they are materialized for retail stores. Our goal is to create a new stream of revenue for social media influencers and women who want to save money on the latest material before it is released in retail stores.

After our collections have been released online they will only be produced for a limited time in select retailers.




We are a turnkey Product Design company with more than 20 years of experience designing and developing thousands of products in China for dozens of the biggest retailers in the US. Our global supply chain is aligned to collaborate online and in store with an exclusive Online Collection Pre-Order before merchandise is produced for retail stores.



Our products are designed, sourced and produced with global manufacturers. We can custom design our line plan of accessories, apparel, beauty, and pet products for your store.



Social Media influencers, Recording Artists and Women who love fashion and beauty will be invited to participate in our marketing strategies, online, on tour and in store. 



As Amazon shifted the way people shop for merchandise, we believe in building a single online destination to create and curate new material before our designs will be produced and released in Brick & Mortar stores next season.



New designs will be released as a Limited Run Pre-Order before Collections hit retail stores. Discounts on boxed sets will allow customers to save up to 30% before orders are placed with manufacturers. 



Brick + Mortar retailers are having a harder time getting people to shop in-store but the in-store experience of holding a product in person can't become a forgotten way of shopping for the latest style. After a design is released online it will only be available in store.



In 2016 Kylie Jenner released 10,000 units of her Lip Kit online. It sold out in 10 minutes and the brand grew to nearly $1 Billion in 2 years.

We are following a similar business model with our Co.{LAB} Collections which will be released in limited runs on Modern Material. Popular material will be reproduced for Brick & Mortar retail stores.



Our services and wholesale catalog can only be accessed with a client account.Our team can provide individual services to fill category voids or build complete product assortments and brand experiences.


Sign up to be a brand rep for Modern Material and save up to 50% on Pre-Orders. You will earn 10% commission or store credit for every sale you generate.



It takes approximately 12 months to materialize designs for retail stores. We are currently establishing collaborations with a timeline to release Pre-Orders in May, Ship Online Orders in October and distribute to brick & mortar retailers for Holiday 2019 and Spring 2020.